Yoga at School

Our schools are the perfect environment for teaching our students how to be mindfully aware, manage frustration, engage with persistent effort and attention, embody intentional action, and be kind and caring to each other. -Mindfulness and Yoga in Schools 

Twist Kids Yoga is available to come to your school and teach your students. The classes can take place at anytime during the school day. We can teach as part of a physical education credit, an afterschool (or) before school program as well as other activities that take place throughout the school day/ school year. 

We are available to teach in the classroom throughout the day as a way to offer ‘Brain Breaks’ to the students. 

Why brain breaks? Studies show that when kids can take a break from learning to stretch, breathe and move; their performance in the classroom increases and they score higher on tests. 

We can also offer professional development courses to teachers so that they can learn to incorporate yoga lessons into their curriculums. 

We offer age appropriate yoga & mindfulness classes that are joyful, playful and mindful. The focus is on bringing mindfulness, asana, relaxation and compassion into the lives of kids & teens. We teach the necessary tools for the children to learn and experience a mindful education while at the same time feeling the joy of childhood. 

Want to bring yoga to your school? Email:

We currently have Twist Kids Yoga teachers teaching in the following schools:  

Alexander Graham Middle School 

Antioch Elementary 

Charlotte Country Day 

Collinswood Language Academy

Covenant Presbyterian Pre-School

Elizabeth Lane Elementary 

John Crosland School

Knox Middle School

Park Road Montessori

Shining Stars Academy 

Union Academy Prep 

Walter Bickett Elementary