Stretch Your Teaching- Mentorship Training

This 14 hour program is designed to be a part of the 95 hour Children’s Yoga Certification. It counts as hours towards the full certificate. In order to qualify, you must complete ‘Foundations From The Ground Up’ and ‘Rainbow Yogis.’

We have created it as a 6 month take home program to help you deepen your knowledge and begin applying what you have learned from us up to this point.
This take home curriculum is meant to be self paced, however, you do have to meet up on the video calls (it counts as attendance). You will have 6 months to complete the program. Basically, what this means, is once you sign up, you’ll write a required report on a chosen topic. Once you submit the report, you’ll receive the curriculum and be assigned a mentor. You can begin the lessons and required projects as soon as possible. Even if you get through the curriculum fast, you will still be required to attend the video calls. All video calls will be done through ZOOM. You will receive the link to each call prior to the call. Each call will be 40 minutes.

The curriculum consists of 7 lessons. Included in there are lessons to teach, a community service project, a video project and some other good stuff to help enhance and stretch your teaching. All assignments must be submitted by March 15th.

Next Mentorship begins September 2022.

4 Zoom calls. Each call is on a Sunday at 4:30pm

Dates of calls:

Cost: $200.00

To sign up:

PayPal: (please select friends/family to avoid fees)


Venmo: @marybeth-bender