Educators – Stress Reduction & Self Care

Founder of Twist Kids Yoga, Mary Beth Bender  has created an offering called ‘Stress Reduction and Self Care for teachers’ It is based on the philosophy that to bring Yoga & Mindfulness to schools, we must first give the self care tools to teachers. Teachers can learn the proper tools and techniques to use throughout the school day to help alleviate stress, anxiety, burnout and negativity.

Mary Beth would love to see more Yoga & Mindfulness in the schools and feels that in order for this to happen, it must start with the teachers, staff and administrators.

There is a lot of research showing that this is beneficial.

A few of the benefits include:

  • Less stress, burnout, anxiety
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Improved empathy and compassion for others.
  • Reduced reactivity and negativity

In this workshop Mary Beth will guide educators through the right tools and techniques to help them reduce stress throughout the school day. These tools and techniques are meant to be used at the desk or in the office. It is geared to all levels and all body types.

If you think your school would be interested, please email Mary Beth at