About Twist Kids Yoga

Twist Kids Yoga is a registered children’s yoga school in Charlotte, NC.  Our mission is to educate young minds in mindfulness, yoga postures, compassion and relaxation with the goal to create a more balanced and loving world.

Classes are designed to teach the children how to engage with their Whole Self and The World around them  through the practices of yoga and mindfulness. We use these principles to educate them on concentration, self-regulation, healthy living, heart centered communicatuon and being present with the nature of life. 

We teach in schools, studios, community centers and pretty much anywhere else where joy and love are accepted. 



About Mary Beth, Founder of Twist Kids Yoga 


Mary Beth has always had a love for children. Ever since she was a small child, she knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She began babysitting at the age of 10 and her senior year in high school, she did her senior project in a 3rd/4th grade classroom. It was her intention to study Elementary Education in college, but life had other plans for her and she studied Creative Writing & Fine Arts. In 1995 her father passed away suddenly and through her process of deep grief and sadness, she discovered yoga. It was when she discovered yoga that she was reminded of her childhood and the contemplative moments that she often experienced outside under trees or through laying on the grass and looking up at the sky. She was able to rediscover her sense of ahh and wonder, which then reminded her of how much she loved and adored children. Mary Beth also grew up with ADD/ADHD and multiple learning disabilities. She took Ritalin, which eventually lead her to struggle with her body and the emotions that she felt around being diagnosed as learning disabled. She found that yoga helped her to focus, which eventually lead her to stop Ritalin.

She has always felt that her story about the struggles she went through as a child in school would someday inspire education to shift. Mary Beth used to substitute teach in both the Montessori and Public school classroom. Her experiences with children taught her that teaching young kids was part of her purpose.

In 2005, Mary Beth was working at Kripalu Yoga Center when one day she overheard 2 of her co-workers talking about a kids yoga class that they were leading that day. She became very curious and started asking a lot of questions, which then lead her to researching a program where she could become a certified kids yoga teacher. At that same time, Mary Beth  already had experience teaching yoga to adults, but knew that she really wanted to be teaching yoga to children. In that same year, she flew to Los Angelos for a training/certification with Yoga Kids International. She then began teaching yoga to children at a day care and a small studio in New Hampshire. In 2006 Mary Beth moved to Charlotte, NC where she eventually began teaching yoga to children all over the city. She has taught hundreds of classes in various environments such as community centers, a church, studios, schools, a gym, a toy store and even a grocery store!

Mary Beth is an E-RYT 200 and a registered 500 hr  yoga teacher through Nosara Yoga Institute. She is also a RCYT with 2 full certifications through Little Flower Yoga and Grounded Kids Yoga. She has also studied with Yoga Kids International, Asheville Yoga Center and continues to see inspiration in the work of others.

Mary Beth has created Twist Kids Yoga with the intention to bring more mindfulness & yoga to the younger generations. She believes in the positive ripple effect that this work has on the world.  

Mary Beth is a child at heart and has an infectious love and warmth for children. Children enjoy her boundless energy and her youthful spirit.




2 thoughts on “About Twist Kids Yoga

  1. Hello!

    My name is Micky and I own Flexi Lexi. We have super cute kids yoga line and was wondering if you are interested in carrying our line at your studio.

    We are looking to expand our kids line internationally.

    You can check our ig @flexilexi_fitness and our website http://www.flexilexi-fitness.com.

    Thanks so much!



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