1. Can I teach after I take your program?
    We are confident that you will receive the necessary tools and techniques for teaching yoga to children once you have taken the Foundations From The Ground Up YTT. Once you finish the Foundations From The Ground Up YTT you will receive a certificate that you can show.  It is important to note that some yoga studios might require you to have a 200 hr training to teach at their studio, however this is not the case in all studios. You can teach in parks, daycares, preschools, camps and neighborhood community centers. We suggest you teach in the environment where children and yoga are welcomed.
  2. What does my certification mean?
    To be fully certified in children’s yoga you will need to complete all of the modules within the Twist Kids Yoga program. Our program is a 95 hour Children’s Yoga Certification, which is the standard amount of hours that yoga alliance requires. You can choose to take Foundations From The Ground Up separately or you can choose to take all of the modules.
  3. How many modules do you offer? We offer 4 modules. 3 of them are weekend trainings and the other is a mentorship program, which you are eligible to take once you complete the ‘Rainbow Yogis’ training.
  4. I am a teenager can I attend your program? You must be at least 18 years old to take the program.
  5. I am a teacher at a school would this program be a great idea for me? Absolutely. We believe that our program is perfect for educators because of the tools that we offer. The tools that you will learn in our program are perfect for the learning environment because they teach children how to focus and self regulate. It is one of our missions to see more yoga & mindfulness in the school system.
  6. I am a mom and want to teach my kids, is it ok that I take the course without wanting to be a professional teacher? Absolutely. The tools that you will learn in our program are not just tools for yoga. They are great parenting tools and techniques for helping to navigate the child through life.