‘BIG thank you for all that I learned in last summer’s Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens with Twist Kids Yoga. I have become the fortunate recipient of a regular elective class for 6th graders that meets every other day for the semester during the school day! I have 22 amazing little yogis that have been such a delight this week! I’ve even got my own classroom!
I’ve also used the 5 Wisdoms practice to guide our classes every day and tie each activity to one of the 5 Wisdoms. I made a logo that I have displayed on the slides, too—with Mary Beth’s name on it.
I am so grateful for your inspiration and wisdom. I know your energies are filling a part of my yoga classroom every time my class is in session!’ -Jaime Schoolcraft McCaughna, MA Academic Facilitator at Quail Hollow Middle School in Charlotte, NC


Thank you for those little cards you gave on the last day of the training. I was going through a very rough phase at that time and what the card said is exactly what I needed at that time. I was so overcome with emotion I could not even thank you at that time. It’s amazing that even a very small gift given with love has the capacity to spread love and joy, and most importantly heal. -Graduate of Foundations From The Ground Up Module 1


I believe with my whole heart that leading our next generations into mindfulness, kindness and fitness is what I’m meant to do. I love planting seeds. In 27 hours, Twist Kids Yoga training knowledge and teaching sent me immediately prepared. Yoga is so much more than the poses and being able to touch toes…it’s about finding a moment to connect with yourself (your mind and your body) with others and taking a breath during this crazy fast paced life….for toddlers, big kids, tweens, teens, adults and seniors. Thank you to my fabulous instructors! -Graduate of Foundations From The Ground Up Module 1


I am truly blessed and beyond grateful to have two of the most AMAZING yoga teacher trainers. Twist Kids Yoga YTT is a life changing experience that goes beyond what yoga is. I not only learned how to bring yoga to kids, but I learned parenting skills and tools that I can use to balance my own life. -Graduate of Foundations From The Ground Up Module 1


I just completed one of the BEST, most inspiring courses that I’ve ever been on thanks to these two beautiful souls Mary Beth Bender and Shona Baldoni. I honestly can’t thank you both enough for sharing your knowledge and teaching me so much. This wasn’t just a learning experience for me. It was pretty life changing and extremely enlightening! -Graduate of Foundations From The Ground Up Module 1


“Mary Beth developed an incredible custom training to help us bring simple chair yoga movements, breathing techniques and mindfulness to our teachers and students. I look forward to working with her again soon!” Anne Cote Hoffman, MA & Cannon Upper School Counselor


“I gained amazing insights and ability to create amazing lessons plan with the training I have with Twist Kids Yoga. Thank you so much Mary Beth Bender and Shona Baldoni! You both are brillant sis-stars! “. 



“Everyday that I leave yoga I know it’s going to be a great day because I feel calm, peaceful and happy. I don’t want yoga to end. I wish we could do yoga all day.”  -Kid Yogini age 8 (she takes yoga in before school programs). 

Miss Mary Beth, I really enjoy coming to yoga. I think that it’s helping me. I have anger issues so I need yoga to help me and it’s really working.’ -Kid Yogi age 8


We are thankful for Mary Beth Bender. She has a way of relating, teaching and inspiring others (children/tweens). The yoga classes she offers are more than physical exercise. She is teaching the importance of connecting heart, soul, mind and strength. Our culture is stressful, not excluding our children. Learning techniques of stress management is highly valuable at any age. Mary Beth Bender is a wonderful mentor for our daughter.   -K.R.


i could describe ms. Mary Beth as, fun, sweet, caring, amazing, beautiful, orderly, flexible, calm
I like her yoga class because it helps me calm down and think as well as be with friends and have fun! and it teaches me fun and good posses or asana’s i can use in the future.
yoga has helped me at school , or while I’m working on something for school, or nervous about the day before school, or relive methods thanking God that the day at school is over after school! lol 🙂
I love going to Ms. Mary Beth’s children’s yoga class, even though I am the oldest there, because i feel like i can connect with not just her, but others around me no matter how diverse through culture or age they may be, so i can better understand there culture and believes , not just for future reference, but because I belive it is important to do so.
In my opinion Ms. Mary Beth is a very wonderful inspiration to me and to my ideas! -Sarah age 11


Our daughter has been doing yoga with Mary Beth for almost two years now!! We have loved it and love Mary Beth as a teacher and friend. She cares about the kids and does the best activities with them. Our daughter looks forward to class every week and has built a special bond with Mary Beth and the other friends in class.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and making yoga so fun 🙂



I love this teens testimonial to what yoga has done for her this school year.

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