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George is a regular kid having a bad day. He woke up feeling tired, didn’t eat his breakfast and almost missed his bus to school! His whole day begins to turn around when his bus driver, Joy fuels his day with the power of positivity. He discovers that when he believes in himself and has a positive perspective, he can find the strength to overcome the challenges. Discover below how George does this in the following 7 lesson plans.

The best way to introduce and teach this theme, is through reading the story ‘The Energy Bus for Kids’ by Jon Gordon. You can find it at your local library, bookstore or online at

I have broken this lesson plan down into 7 classes. Each class breaks down the book and offers full lessons on how to incorporate the theme into a yoga & mindfulness class. 

Class 1 introduces the theme and the kids “meet George.” Classes 2-6 read the story and break it down into each Rule that he learns. Class 7 puts it all together.

There is a reference guide at the end of this lesson so that you can follow the proper instructions for certain activities and poses. 

INSTANT DOWNLOAD – you will receive a link after your purchase to download your PDF Class Theme.


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