NEW! Online Twist Kids Yoga Training

Join us for a self paced online kids yoga training from the comfort of your own home…

We are excited to offer you this online quality training where we will teach you all of the tools & techniques for bringing yoga to children. 

In this training we will teach you:

-The foundations for teaching yoga to children ages 4-12

-What it means to be a children’s yoga teacher 

-How to teach different ages through each developmental stage

-Breath techniques, appropriate asanas for children, mindfulness activities & games/stories

-How to teach themes 


-Ethics/Yamas & Niyamas 

-You’ll also be expected to complete a final project, submit essay questions about a required reading as well as complete quizzes. 

-You’ll be a part of a community of supportive teachers

Additional expectations include:

-Over 7 hours of videos and content 

-The tools and techniques to bring yoga and mindfulness to children 

-The same information offered in our in person foundations course 

-How to create an engaging and safe experience for your students 

-A self-paced curriculum 

-Be completely prepared to teach yoga and mindfulness to children upon completion


-Regular Price: $350

-Sign up in September and receive $50 off PLUS be a part of a LIVE Q & A call with both Mary Beth and Shona. (The first 3 to sign up will receive a Twist Kids Yoga tote bag).

-$50 off the regular price through December without any add ons. 

To register: (we have partnered with Ahimsa Learning Source, so when you register you’ll be asked to enter your email address.)

*All payments must be made upon registration. 

For additional questions:

Online Twist Kids Yoga Training

Coming September 1st

We have spent the last few months preparing a quality self paced online Twist Kids Yoga training for teachers, parents, caregivers and anyone who works or plays with children. During these changing times we realize that everyone has different needs and expectations for how they want to spend their time. This training gives you the space and time to complete a course that will give you all of the tips & tools for sharing yoga & mindfulness to children ages 4-12. We have created a curriculum for you to work at your own pace with quizzes, essay questions, a final project and several videos and slides full of content.

We are also in the process of brewing up more personable face to face trainings beginning on zoom in the next few months. There’s something coming for all your needs.

We hope that you’ll consider us to be your guides on this journey and help us to create long lasting ripples that will carry into the future generations.

Stay tuned for more details!

Namaste with a grateful heart,

Mary Beth & Shona

Train with us in March 2020

We can teach kids their rights by sharing yoga & mindfulness with them.

I have the right to be here.

I have the right to feel.

I have the right to act.

I have the right to love.

I have the right to speak.

I have the right to see.

I have the right to connect.

Join us this March 20-22nd for ‘Foundations From The Ground Up’ at Okra Charlotte

We will teach you all of the tools and techniques for bringing

yoga & mindfulness to children ages 4-12.

Register by February 20th and SAVE on the Regular Pricing.

To register

*27 CEUS available for yoga alliance teachers.

Help us plant more “seeds”

We are so happy, humble and our hearts are full after graduating this group of ‘Teens & Schools’ yoga trainees. We spent the last 3 days (27 hours) immersing in the art & techniques of bringing yoga & mindfulness to 2 stressed out populations.

We are excited for these ladies!!!! This was such a powerful wise group of educators, mental health practitioners, occupational therapists and passionate yoga educators.

Each one of them is planting seeds one child at a time.

If you’ve been wanting to take one of the Twist Kids Yoga trainings, we are planning the 2020 schedule.

Next Up: Foundations From The Ground Up YTT

March 20-22nd at Okra Charlotte.

Join us for this fun and inspiring 3 day module where we will teach you all of the tools & techniques for leading a solid Kids Yoga class to ages 4-12.

FREE Kids Yoga class 10/6/2019 at Okra

Join us on Sunday October 6th for a FREE Kids Yoga class. 

In this free Kids yoga class, kids will explore Yoga & Mindfulness through age appropriate activities. The activities are designed to help children experience Yoga & Mindfulness in a safe and playful manner. 

2-3pm at Okra

•Open to ages 4-12.

•Limited to 20 children. 

To register: Call (704)266-1443

Or Stop into Okra and register at the front desk

South Carolina Yoga And Healing Arts Festival on October 19th, 2019

Festival season isn’t over!

Have you checked out the South Carolina Yoga And Healing Arts Festival coming 10/19 in Hartsville, SC?

Come see us in the Fairy Garden for kids yoga classes.

Schedule of classes:

Kids Yoga 9-10am in The Fairy Garden

Kids Yoga 2-3pm in The Fairy Garden

Stay all day and experience yoga,music & healing.

Pre-Register for the festival at

Spreading kindness to 21 classrooms

I am so excited to share a community service project with the Public Montessori Elementary school that I teach at 3 days per week. The principal has given me the ok to donate a glass ‘glitter jar’ aka ‘mind jar’ with 21 classrooms. The jar will be added to their peace corner and can be used as a mindfulness tool to help kids settle their minds. I am so incredibly grateful to share yoga & mindfulness at a Public Montessori Elementary School. My heart is full.

We are so excited to congratulate the NEWEST set of Twist Kids Yoga trainees. We can’t wait to see what positive ripples they create for the future generation of mindful humans.

Want to learn the magic of teaching kids about BREATH?

What’s the most powerful thing that you witnessed recently?

For me it was when I lead 2 groups of 3 & 4 year olds through several different breathing exercises in a classroom.

These kids love yoga and every week I teach them different elements of yoga. However, this class was unique in that I designed the whole class time to center around BREATH.

After each exercise, I would give them a moment to pause and notice. They were so cute sitting there with their palms on their laps and spines straight. After the pause, I would ask ‘Do you feel calm.’ They’d get excited and say YES! then I’d ask ‘Do you feel strong?’ They’d get excited and say YES! and lastly, I’d ask, ‘Do you feel happy?’ and once again I got a “YES!!” The teachers were in ahh. They were like ‘What are you doing to them Mary Beth?’

Want to learn the magic of teaching kids about BREATH? This is one of several elements that we teach in Kids Yoga Teacher Training.


March 15-18th at @okracharlotte


Join us by March 1st and save on the early pricing.

Open to ALL levels of yoga. *27 CEU’s available for yoga teachers.