Online Twist Kids Yoga Training

Coming September 1st

We have spent the last few months preparing a quality self paced online Twist Kids Yoga training for teachers, parents, caregivers and anyone who works or plays with children. During these changing times we realize that everyone has different needs and expectations for how they want to spend their time. This training gives you the space and time to complete a course that will give you all of the tips & tools for sharing yoga & mindfulness to children ages 4-12. We have created a curriculum for you to work at your own pace with quizzes, essay questions, a final project and several videos and slides full of content.

We are also in the process of brewing up more personable face to face trainings beginning on zoom in the next few months. There’s something coming for all your needs.

We hope that you’ll consider us to be your guides on this journey and help us to create long lasting ripples that will carry into the future generations.

Stay tuned for more details!

Namaste with a grateful heart,

Mary Beth & Shona

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