Our call to create Twist Kids Yoga Teacher Training. 

If you know me well, you know that I began teaching yoga in 2000 and I started teaching  kids yoga in 2005.  You may also know that over the past few years I’ve been working hard towards spreading this work to more children and communities. In 2012, through the encouragement of a local friend, I began writing my ‘yoga manual.’ It started as a simple guide on what to teach in a kids yoga class. It pretty much sat in my desktop for 2 years. Then in 2014, my life began to take a positive turn and through the encouragement of another local yoga friend, I began writing my teaching manual.  

Life is funny especially when it comes to creating projects. I began my manual to then be given the opportunity to create another awesome project. So again, my teaching manual sat in my desktop and waited for me to reopen it when I was ready. 

In the sumner of 2016 within 3 days of each other, I received multiple text messages from various friends not just in my community, but outside of my community. They were all encouraging me to start offering my training to people interested in learning how to teach kids yoga. 

This time, the knock was so loud that I couldn’t help but really listen. I was already feeling the pull and I had gotten to the point where I was feeling drained by teacher acquaintances who were emailing me for free ideas and tips on how to teach. I’d hear ‘I’ve lost my inspiration. Can you please give me some ideas?’ I’d generously give, but then I’d begin to feel drained because sometimes I was giving things away and not receiving credit where I felt credit was due.  I also learned that I should be valuing myself more and not giving teachings away for free. I learned a lot of lessons along the way.

But those lessons aren’t what got me here. It’s my commitment and my perseverance that did. 

I knew that when I heard this loud knock that this was the time. It wasn’t about money or being the best in the community. It was more about my inner knowing that I could make a positive ripple effect. 

Once I heard that loud knock from the universe, I opened my computer and began finishing my teacher manual. 

I began receiving more interest in my training and this is when I heard an even louder knock. 

You can’t do this alone. You need to contact Shona. 

If you haven’t already heard, Shona is a local yogini here in Charlotte, Nc whom I met in upstate New York at the Omega Institute. In 2014 we were both there at the Little Flower Yoga training. We had never met and both realized we were living in Charlotte and teaching kids yoga. We got to know each other pretty quickly and realized we shared the same goals. I had a feeling that some day we’d work together. So when I began creating this program, I knew she was my partner. 
In the meantime, I listened to that call to ask her to join me on this journey. I contacted her and immediately she responded with a big YES! 

It was in this moment that I knew that Twist Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings were in the process of being born. 

Excited. Passionate and ready to make a difference…We launched the first ever Twist Kids Yoga Teacher Training in October of 2016. 

We felt that the program did so well that we rolled another out in January 2017. Since then, we’ve graduated 24 Level I teachers. 

In addition, we have scheduled 2 Level II modules this year and we are in the process of building Level III. Plus we are creating a mentorship program, which I currently have 1 student who has graduated from that program. 

We are looking forward to the next Level I Twist Kids Yoga Teacher Training beginning this summer at Okra the weekend of July 14-17. 

In this training we will teach you all of the tools and techniques to lead a kids yoga class to children ages 4-12. We are confident that you will feel inspired and energized. *This is the first module toward a full 95 hour Yoga Alliance approved certification. You can choose to take just the Level 1 or all 3 Levels (plus a one on one mentorship with Shona or Mary Beth). Want to learn to teach kids yoga? | Twist Kids Yoga


Here’s the latest testimonial that we received about the Level I. 

“This training is invaluable! I became a better teacher, more joyful person but I also became a better mum! I highly recommend to everyone.” 

Want to join us? 

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