Catch the sound: a mindfulness activity 

Here’s a mindfulness game to play. It may feel similar to other mindfulness activities, but when my students started blurting out ‘I caught the sound!!!’ I decided this needs to be a separate activity called ‘Catch the sound’. It teaches kids to be still, listen carefully and have fun catching the sound.How to play? It’s simple. 

You’ll need a chime or a singing bowl. 

Ask the children to sit still with their eyes closed. Then start by tuning them into their breath. From there have them place palms on heart & belly. Ask them to pay attention to the sound as you ring the chime or singing bowl. Where is the sound travelling? Can you catch the sound at the tip of your head? In your heart? Your belly? Where is the sound travelling? Catch it with your breath. Notice how it feels as you catch it in that area. How do you feel? 

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