The Lemonade Hurricane

I’ve been reading ‘The Lemonade Hurricane’ by Licia Morelli and the story is a great example of how to teach children mindfulness & meditation. 

Henry is a wild little boy who causes a hurricane wherever he goes. His sister, Emma is determined to teach her little brother how to be still. 

There’s a moment where Henry practices meditation. He uses the image of sitting on an elephant bowing while trying hard not to fall off. 

This is such a powerful way to see this practice. Our minds are always ON and it can be a challenge for some to turn it off. 

I created a lesson plan for this book and I wanted to share something for you to try in your classes with children. It’s a fun game/activity for teaching the children to be still in the midst of chaos. Similar to Henry trying to sit on the elephant and bow. 

Here’s the activity:

(3 or more players.)

Each player takes turn being in the middle while the others stomp around in a circle like elephants. The player in the center has to sit and focus on their breath without getting distracted by the elephants. 

-created by @twistkidsyoga 
Please comment below and let me know how it goes. 

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