Earth Day Theme 2015

Earth Day is April 22.

 In truth, earth day should be celebrated everyday. How do you care for the earth? 


In honor of Earth Day I wanted to share a lesson plan to inspire your earthy classes. I pulled from all of my kids yoga resources and came up with this grounded plan. 

Theme: Earth Day

Connect with Mother Earth. Feel safe and grounded. 

Opening: child’s pose

Discuss theme and ways to care for the earth. 

Create a breath network or partner up and feel each other’s backs and notice the rise and fall of the breath. 

Then begin moving the body in these grounding asanas:


child’s, table, downdog, forward fold, tall mountain, community tree pose, warrior 1, triangle, mountain followed by a group flower. 

Gather the group and play this fun game with blocks. 

You’ll need 2 blocks. 

Circle up. 

Start by passing the block around the circle with the feet then add the other block and begin passing the blocks to both the right and left while using both feet and hands. (Under and Over)

Begin to relax and lay on your back. 

Set up for plow pose. 

Settle into savasana.  

Feel the earth below your body holding and supporting you. Breathe and notice. You are always supported and the earth is always available to ground you. 

Closing: create an earth based ritual 


This image is from Yoga Ed 

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