The Diamond & The Sun.


Once upon a time there was a squirrel who was broke and set out to find a job. He came upon a picnic table and spotted a diamond ring. He decided to take it and bring it home to show his family. His family asked him where he got it and then insisted he bring it back to where he found it.
After he brought the ring back to the table, a fairy visited him in his tree house to thank him for bringing back the ring. The ring was her Grandmothers and she had been searching for it all day long.
In that moment, the squirrel and the fairy paused to look out at the meadow where they noticed the sun radiating. They both recognized that the sparkle in the sun was similar to the sparkle in the diamond. It was in that moment that they both appreciated nature over material possessions.

Can you find the yoga in this story?
Can you find more than one yogic message?

This story was written by Mary Breath, Mikey & Michelle.

All rights reserved to Twist Kids Yoga.

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