I love myself when….(a lesson plan)


I’m inspired every time I show up to teach little kids yoga because they shine so bright that all I can feel is their fresh perspective on life and it’s joy. This Valentine’s Day I wanted to create a lesson plan based on loving the self and through self love comes even greater universal love,which is what yoga is all about.

Valentine’s day yoga is about sharing the love to the world and creation. Kids will learn how to identify love for themselves and how to share it with the world in positive ways.
They will say ‘I am’ statements that are meant to strengthen them. They will also learn how to say ‘I love myself when…’

What if instead of educating our children that Valentine’s Day is about giving cards to the ones we love, we teach them about loving ourselves so we can love others. Or what if we taught them that this day is about loving all beings including plants and animals?

Here’s a lesson plan that I put together. Valentine’s Day Yoga: Theme: ‘I love myself when…’

Valentines Day Lesson Plan_yoga2015








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