‘I AM SO THANKFUL’ Gratitude Tree worksheet

Happy November yogis & yoginis! This is my favorite month, holiday and theme to share in my yoga classes. It’s the month of my birthday, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and I am filled with so much gratitude for the practice of yoga.

I recently created this worksheet after being inspired by a post on a private facebook group. I felt so inspired by the post on gratitude that I chose to create my own worksheet to share in my classes and to also share with other yoga teachers on the same path.

As an expression of gratitude, I am giving this worksheet away to those who feel inspired to share it with their students. This is a wonderful activity to share with children and a wonderful way to teach them about gratitude.

Gratitude Tree Worksheet:

1. Chant ‘I AM SO THANKFUL’ (like sa ta na ma with fingertips)

2. Write 4 things that you are grateful for

3. Draw leaves on the branches and write what you are thankful for

Below is a link to the worksheet put together by yours truly….

gratitude tree

Enjoy! with deep gratitude,

Mary Breath

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